Best rate guarantee

Adriabella website: best rate guaranteed

The rates on the Adriabella website are the best possible rates, as these are the rates we charge without any agency, business partner or web portal fees or commissions.

It is possible, however, that agencies, business partners and web portals may offer for certain periods and/or for certain facilities, accommodations or tour packages better rates than this website. This is part of the trade agreements and is not our fault. In principle, however, the rates you find on this site are generally the best.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us using our online form, or arrange to book your vacation with us directly. Thank you
Adriabella Team

Prices and rates on portals

Recent EU rules have prohibited tourism portals from restricting the ability of merchants to offer their own accommodations (rooms, apartments, villas, bungalows, tents) to choose their own commercial policy and thus also to be able to offer competitive rates.

At Adriabella we strive to maintain a “fair price policy” with all our partners, which include portals. However, this does not prevent us in some cases and according to our internal needs from being able to propose discounts, offers, first minute and last minute deals for our accommodations.

This means that the rates on our adriabella website are either on par with others found on the web or lower.

Agencies and business partners

Adriabella has chosen a few but select travel agencies that offer their accommodations in Italy, Europe and around the world.

Periodically Adriabella analyzes the performance of its relationships with partner agencies and if it considers that the quality has dropped, it does not renew existing contracts, preferring the protection of its brand to the quantity of distribution channels. This is one reason why Adriabella’s accommodations are not highly visible on third-party agency channels.

Within the “fair price policy” entertained with all partners, Adriabella can propose alone or together with partners discounts, offers, first minute and last minute. So it is possible that for some markets the same offers that we propose on the adriabella website are also proposed by partner agencies.